RefleX - The Robo Keeper


About Reflex- The Robo Keeper

RefleX - The  Robokeeper is an artificial intelligent robotic goal keeper which can detect fast moving ball in a spilt second and move quickly to stop the ball from reaching th goal.
No Matter how fast you kick, this keeper can surprise you with its faster reflex to stop the goal. It is designed to stop almost every shot you kick.


New AI technology drives the detetction mechanism to capture images from the high speed cameras and move robot to the location of ball with in milli seconds.

The two cameras placed diagonally capture the image of the ball and send real time data the robot. High Torque motor rotates the robo to the direction and angle of ball and holds it from reaching the goal.

Easy to use Application

RefleX The Robo Keeper is operated using an android application. Calibration of the camera, Checking sensor position, selection of modes etc can be done using this wireless application. More features are being added for operator friendliness.


Is Reflex Robokeeper accurate ?

Yes. Robokeeper is accurate and stops almost every kick from reaching the goal. However a professional player always can try and beat the robo with his skillset. Also there are 3 levels 


What is the size and power required? 

Total area required for robokeeper is
45 feet x 15 feet x 15 feet. This area includes goal post , area behind the goal post for cameras and player runup. Robo keeper works on 220v/110v Ac supply.


What are included in RefleX Robokeeper

Robo - 2nos, Pre assembled motor unit, high speed cameras, gaming pc, software application. Goal post and outer cage is not included included in the kit.


When will it be available for purchase?

Currenlty robokeeper is in final testing phase and will be installed in March 2019 in near about 5 locations across the world. 


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