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Cricket bowling machine INDIA
ZAP! Cricket Machines are in market now !
Straight Drive Technologies

What a shot ! A master class "Straight Drive" !
The master class shot in cricket, inspired us to name "Straight Drive Technologies", a company which is aimed to produce amazing products in Sports & Leisure Industry.
 We are a very strong team connected and committed to bring out the best technologies in Sports & Leisure Industry. 
Our first product ZAP! cricket ball throwing machines, has already tasted its success in pre-launch and ready to hit the market with top features, quality and service support. 
ZAP! Cricket Simulators are much improved versions of existing cricket simulators in market and produces real match environment, for any kind of player.
It's just a beginning. Many astonishing products are on their way ! Keep Connected !  

ZAP! 110 Cricket Bowling Machine

ZAP! Cricket Bowling Machines incorporate a patent pending technology which makes the product unique and efficient from any other bowling machine in the world. 
ZAP! 110 Cricket Bowling Machine can be used to throw both hard cricket balls and soft tennis balls at a speed of 110 kmph. It is digitally operated and incorporates an in-built sensor control mechanism which gives precision in speed and accuracy. 
ZAP! 110 bowling machine can be used to swing and spin the ball, hence helps any batsman to practice almost all types of bowling variations and also comes with an automatic ball feeder.
ZAP! 110 is easy to carry, assemble and operate . It incoporates a patent pending DC motor mechanism and can be operated using electricity or battery 
ZAP! Cricket Simulators - A must have game in every entertainment center


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